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The School of American Safety is proud to announce our Facility Partnership Program. Become a partner today and receive these major benefits. 

  • Access to our CNA graduate database for recruitment.

    • We have up to 60 CNA students every quarter looking for employment! Reduce your pool costs and overtime costs!

  • Heavily discounted American Heart Association BLS Certification training ON SITE and your cards delivered in 48 hours or less. 

  • Active shooter/workplace violence training for all staff members at a discounted rate. 

  • Market your facility to have the ability to hire persons without a license and simply train them by registering your new hires with us. We will train them and send them back to start their career with you!

  • Upskill your non-clinical staff!

We have a program designed for our partners to help recruit CNAs. We have an extensive list of people (about 5,000) who are waiting to become CNAs but are seeking free training. We are pairing these people up with our partners to receive free training. 

Here is how it works. 

  • The facility sends us a recruitment flyer. Either offering a non-skilled job to someone who is going to be training for CNA OR offering them employment upon completion of a course. American Safety will send out this recruitment flyer to our candidates. They will reach out if they are interested in employment with your facility. 

  • You will meet them, interview them and go through your hiring practices. 

  • Should you choose to hire them you will fill out a sponsorship form. 

  • The student will then work with us for the CNA financing. The class will be 12 payments of $112.76 per month.

Every month that the candidate works for your facility, you will pay their payment. This protects you from paying for full tuition should the student not work for you for a full year but also doesn't hold the student to a 1-year contract. 

Our CNA training goes well beyond state requirements and includes extended behavioral health training to ensure we produce the best candidates. Our programs are flexible, Day classes and Evening classes. 

$350.00 Annual fee PER FACILITY



Register today to join our team!

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