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Military - GI Bill & 9/11 Bill


If you or your immediate family are members of the armed services you may qualify for the GI-Bill or 9/11 Bill. 

The EMT Program (also known as EMT Basic) is an entry level license into the world of EMS. You will learn skills like Medical patient assessment, usage of equipment like the kendrick extraction device. This program is two evening classes per week and some Saturdays. 

This certification is the first step in a career in either private ems or the fire department. 

If you are interested, apply below. 


The EMT Cardiac/Advanced program is covered under the GI-Bill / 9-11 Bill. 

If you are looking to extend your skill set as an EMT B to advanced life saving procedures like IV medication therapy, Intubation and I/O Cannulation then, this is the license for you! You will become certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support as well as Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

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