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ASP & Training Inc./ Warren Fire Department Consortium for EMS Education is excited to announce that we have received the Letter of Review (LOR) from  CoAemsp.

Formally called "Cardiac to Paramedic"

American Safety Programs and Training is proud to offer EMT Cardiac to Paramedic Training! This Course is a fast-paced program that is designed around the extensive knowledge base an EMT Cardiac already possesses! This course will reaffirm the fundamentals of advanced life support skills that have been previously learned and introduce new concepts in ALS like admixtures and formulation of treatment plans. Clinical time is based on documented experience as an EMT Cardiac and skill competency. This course is 6 months long and clinical time can be done during and after the 6 month didactic program. Upon completion of this program, you will be eligible to sit for the National Registry Paramedic exam. 

This Course is designed to prepare Candidates to successfully pass the NREMT Comprehensive and Psychomotor PARAMEDIC Examinations so that they are ready to practice as ‘Entry-Level Paramedics’ and, once credentialed as a “NREMT Nationally Registered Paramedic”, are eligible for Licensure in most States in the USA and some other countries.


Our 'A/E' Program, both the (“In-Person” and “HYBRID-On-Line”) are based on the exact same didactic and clinical criteria as our "In-Person Paramedic Course" but recognizes that Candidates actively practicing at the AEMT/Cardiac Level License (as well as Military-trained ‘Corpsman/Medics’, Emergency or Critical Care RNs, PAs, and Doctors) have some of the base knowledge and clinical skills that can be validated and should be recognized.


Advanced/Experienced Students’ can document their many of their ‘Competencies’ by recording/reporting their verified Advanced EMS Practice Experience and have them validated by their Chief of Service and Department Medical Director. 


The estimated length of your program is based on your ‘Advanced Level Experience’ as well as your personal time commitment to the Didactic components of the Course; some ‘A/E Students have completed the Didactic components and verified SMC Course Requirements in 6 months, however the planned A/E Course timeline is 18 months.


We will review the system for documentation and other Program details with you at our admission meeting. In order to be admitted into the 'A/E' Course, you will need to meet with me and/or the Paramedic Program Director to review your past training and experience, share our “Prerequisite requirements”, and develop your individual plan as well as answer any questions that you may have. This meeting is best done in person at our facility but can be done by “TEAMS”. 


High School Diploma or GED

  • Active EMT Cardiac license


  • Basic EMT with RN/PA/MD/Military Medic Certification 

Class Schedule:

(Hybrid) This program is self paced. You will have up to 18 months to complete all the requirements of the program.


Course includes:

  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare providers

  • American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support

  • American Heart Association Pediatric Life Support 

  • Psychological Trauma in EMS Patients 

  • Advanced Medical Life Support

  • Geriatric Education for EMS

  • Prehospital Trauma Life Support

  • Subscription to FISDAP

Also Included:

Online access codes

Clinical rotations

Polo shirt

How does this work?

  • Sign up by either financing or paying in full. 

  • Receive a code for online access.

    • Access is good for 18 months, giving you a full year to complete your bookwork. 

  • Work with our expert instructors remotely to assist you in completing your program ONLINE. 

  • Once you complete your program, our team will work with you to schedule in person skills and clinical hours.


Payment options:

$5125.00 for full payment

Financing Terms:

$500 deposit then $171.10/month for 36 monthly payments

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