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    How to Enroll!

   If you have found yourself on this page, you are likely looking to finance your class. There are two ways to enroll in our courses.


The first is to finance your class. You will be approved without a credit check and get set up with IGW Financial to spread your tuition using the terms YOU selected below.

  1. You simply fill out the form below

  2. You will then get an email from IGW Financial in about 24 - 48 business hours with your financial documents.

  3. Once you open that email, click the link and fill out THOSE forms, you will be enrolled.

  4. Once you fill out that form, you will receive a welcome letter from the school in about 1 business day with detailed instructions on uniforms, COVID policy, and study materials (if applicable).

The second method you can use to enroll is payment in full for your class. You can accomplish this by calling us directly at 401-273-6900. At that time you can make the full payment to the school for the class. 


You deserve to be treated well. Our financing advantages over credit cards include:

  • No high interest rates dependent on your credit history.

  • You can temporarily freeze your payments (and delay a class) for a short amount of time if you can prove hardship without penalty.

  • No effects on your credit score

  • No early prepayment penalty

  • All of our payments are MONTHLY payments to make budgeting our low payments easier for you! 

Financing Application 

You'll have an offer from IGW Financial in your Email in 24 hours. Please check your email, it is your last step for enrollment. 

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