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ASP & Training Inc./ Warren Fire Department Consortium for EMS Education is excited to announce that we have received the Letter of Review (LOR) from  CoAemsp.

If you have ever considered earning your Paramedic and you have already been practicing at an "Experienced/Advanced" Level, you can join the accredited, Accelerated Paramedic Course at American Safety Programs!


High School Diploma or GED

You must hold at least ONE of the following ACTIVE LICENSES.

  • EMT Cardiac

  • CEN Registered Nurse

  • Critical Care Registered Nurse

  • Nurse Practitioner (Internal Med/Critical Care)

  • ICU Registered Nurse

  • Military Medic 

Course includes:

American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare providers

American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support

American Heart Association Pediatric Life Support 

Subscription to FISDAP

Also Included:

All required textbooks

Online access codes

Clinical rotations

Polo shirt


Course Cost $9,200


$279.47/month for 48 monthly payments

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