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If you are interested in becoming a nationally certified Paramedic, there are several pathways to become one, based on your professional experience! 


Q: What is a "Hybrid" program?

A: Some of our programs can partially be completed online. This allows you to do "bookwork" at your pace and schedule your hands-on learning when you are ready.

Q: What is an EMT Cardiac?

A: This is an EMT level that is specific to the State of Rhode Island and only practiced by RI EMS professionals.

Q: Are all classes offered both in-person or hybrid?

A: All classes are offered as hybrid programs. Option 1 and 2 are offered both hybrid and in-person.

Q: What are your retention and pass rates as of 2024?


  • Our EMS Classes overall, have an 87% Retention Rate!

  • Our Paramedic Programs have a 97% Retention Rate!

  • Our Pass rate for State and National Exams are above 95%!

Entry Level Paramedic Program 

This course is designed for candidates who are certified EMTs or EMT Advanced with less than 3 years of experience. This course will build upon your EMT - Basic foundation and teach you the necessary skills to obtain the masterly level of EMS - Paramedic. Upon completion of this class and associated clinical time, you will be able to sit for the National Registry Paramedic Certification.

COST: $10,200.00 (Payment $266.55/Month)


Advanced/Experienced Paramedic Program 

This is designed for Military Medics 🇺🇸, Certifed Emergency Nurses (CEN), Critical Care Nurses (CCRN), and AEMTs with more than 3 years of active practice level experience. 

COST: $9,200.00 (Payment $256.55/Month)


Active RI - Cardiac to Paramedic 

Specially designed course for Rhode Island EMT-Cardiac level professionals. Must be currently active and working in an EMS service either fire based or private.  


COST: $5,125 (Payment $155.77/Month)


Interrupted Paramedic Student

Designed for students who have "Timed out" of another school's Paramedic program or have substantially completed a program at a school that has closed. 

COST: $9,200.00 (Payment $256.55/Month)

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